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Shop News 15/01/2021

We have had a few issues with our Shop over the last 3-4 months. We’re working hard to fix these problems which have been exacerbated by Covid hitting our Shop people as well as postal services across the World. To these problems we now unfortunately have to negotiate the totally stupid, nonsensical and super-complicated Brexit issues. From today, customers outside the UK will only be able to choose a tracked shipping service which, while a bit more expensive, should at least mean that we can locate missing items.

We will have news of new releases soon and, like everyone else, we are counting the days until live gigs are happening again...

Stay well everybody…

On another note - here are links to a couple of interesting albums of NMA songs in Swedish recorded by Oskar Wigren. These are free for everybody to download and listen to. Enjoy!

Thank You

Over the last few weeks, unbeknownst to us, a number of our fans have been raising money to help the band and our crew, through these troubled times of no live work (and to celebrate 40 years of our music). Today, completely unexpectedly, a very large amount of money has been passed on to us and we can only say a very big thank you, and salute the extraordinary generosity of everyone who gave. We will do our best to use this money in as appropriate way as possible, in particular to help our crew people past and present.

If anyone wants to make a further donation, there are a number of support groups for struggling road-crew and small venues in danger of collapse and we would point people in these directions.

Thank you

Global Gathering, BD3 Video & Carnival Update

We have been amazed at the response to our global live-stream concert on Saturday. We hoped that in making something genuinely live, visually unrehearsed and obviously a bit rough around the edges, we would get across some of the energy and spirit of a real gig. It was genuinely exciting and nerve-racking to make and this seems to have connected with everyone in these unreal and bleak times. There were 6200 live links and so we estimate a worldwide viewing audience of anything from 10-25,000.

The background to the whole event was also captured by WDR for a documentary film to be screened in December.

The stream has now moved to where it will be available to watch in a pay-to-view format for a while.



The 40th Anniversary Global Stream is available to watch in a pay-to-view format at for the next few weeks.

However, for those people who bought a ticket, there is a one-off opportunity to watch it again for free - for a limited 24-hour period beginning at midnight (UK time) tonight. You will be sent a link this evening.

For everyone still waiting for 40th Anniversary Global Gathering shirts, we ask for your patience. Our printers are still trying to keep up with demand - while our Shop service has been limited by illness and quarantine.

And thank you to everyone for their amazing response to Saturday.

40th Anniversary Concert Update 25/10/20

Dear everyone.

The response to last night has been overwhelmingly positive.

We always knew that doing it totally live would be a risk; that, at times, the band would 'make mistakes', the cameras and video feeds might be look bit haphazard, the sound mix wouldn't be perfect studio quality. But we thought that it was the right, and for us, the only way to approach it, because we believed that what people really want and need at the moment is something with the spirit that only a truly live event can create.

However, we are aware that some people had connection issues, drop-outs, buffering problems. Far worse than that, a few people who bought tickets, never received their link. Despite having a team of people answering emails and coping with a surge in last-minute sales, we were never able to catch up with the amount of email traffic coming in yesterday. For this, we can only apologise.

The stream will now move to a different pay-to-view platform at, which should be available from tonight. However, EVERYONE that bought a ticket for last night will receive a code to watch this for FREE for a single one-off 24 hour period on Wednesday - we only ask that people don't share the code and don't leave it running if they're not actually watching it.

Meanwhile if you want more live NMA, on this anniversary weekend, WDR's Rockpalast, who are one of the best live-music recording outfits in the World, are broadcasting their four NMA concerts (1990,1996, 2001 and 2006) in their chronological entirety this afternoon into tonight.

Carnival Redux

Tickets (and T-shirts) are selling very well for our Global Gathering on 24th October. We will be giving more details of this broadcast very soon. Meanwhile we have had a separate project in the pipeline...


We have always felt that Carnival was the one album where the recording, mixing and mastering didn’t bring the end result close to what we had originally intended in the writing. So when our label, Edel, declared their interest in licensing and reissuing the album (with others to follow), we discovered four associated tracks (B-sides and unreleased songs) to add to it and saw an opportunity to ‘reimagine’ the album as a whole.


Wacken Festival 2021

We are happy to announce that New Model Army will be appearing at next years Wacken Festival, Germany on 31st July 2021.


For more information about this and other shows please see the NMA Tour page: HERE

The 40th Anniversary Concert

On 23rd October 1980 New Model Army played their first gig; it has been a wonderful, long, creative and eventful forty-year journey!

We had planned a lot of things to mark our 40th birthday, most of which have necessarily been postponed into next year, but by way of celebration we will be doing a one-off concert on the 24th October 8pm (GMT) this year, which will be performed live and be broadcast online simultaneously around the world – a shared experience for everyone who has ever loved the band.

The concert will be a high-quality, pay-to-view, two-hour (plus) event filmed with multi-cameras, graphics and artwork - with the band playing a wide range of material spanning the 40 years. We will be selling tickets at £10 for which you will be sent an exclusive code to access the broadcast in the hours before the show. There will also be the opportunity to buy an ‘enhanced ticket’ which will include an exclusive Joolz-designed T-shirt to mark the occasion – these will be available in different sizes, up to four shirts per ticket – as we know (and hope) that people will watch in family groups.

Tickets are available HERE

We hope you will join us.

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