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Remix Time

For those people with time on their hands, we offer a unique opportunity to play around with the audio files from the studio recording of “Where I Am” – an appropriate song under the circumstances!

Even if you are not a musician or used to working with audio files, most computers have a basic system for playing around with these things.

We encourage all contributions, a simple remix or a radical one, add what you like, replace what you like, change the arrangement, add effects – anything, any genre etc….

This is not a competition - we will not be ‘judging’ what you create, but please feel free to post up your version on any free streaming network of your choice, share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube (should you wish to also create a visual) and we'll share your creation.

You can download the individual files – guitars, drums, vocals etc - as waveforms or, if you want to work with smaller files, as MP3s . The link is HERE

(Obviously these files are subject to copyright so can’t be used for commercial purposes).

If you don't have any editing software or have never tried this before and want to, we have heard that Ableton, CueBass, Audacity and Bandlab are a few of many apps, which are offering free software during lockdown.

Have fun, people. We’re looking forward to hearing what you make…

In other news we will be making a major announcement concerning the Autumn Tour next week.

COVID-19 UPDATE 18/05/2020

There are very uneven signs that the Covid-19 lock-downs across the World are beginning to ease. However, there is no sign that the threat of the virus has gone away or that restrictions on social-behaviour are going to be totally lifted in the coming weeks and months. So we are currently reviewing the situation regarding all our live concerts in 2020. We will make announcements as soon as we have proper information.

However, we’re glad to say that we do have other NMA related projects in the pipeline for later in the year.

We would also like to thank everyone who bought the limited “Only Stupid Bastards Beat Women” T-shirt. As a result of this we have been able to pay £3000 (100% of the profits) to IDAS - the largest charity in Yorkshire supporting anyone experiencing or affected by domestic abuse or sexual violence. This has been a time when they need as much help as possible. Our thanks to Joolz and Ben Stone for putting this together.

Stay well everyone

New Model Army & Orchestra Sinfonia Leipzig Update

New Model Army & Orchestra Sinfonia Leipzig
We are happy to announce the re-arranged dates for the Tempodrom and SO36 shows in Berlin. The concert with the Orchestra Sinfonia Leipzig has now been rescheduled for Friday 16th July 2021 and the corresponding stripped down punk shows at the legendary SO36 will now take place on Saturday 17th July 2021 and Sunday 18th July 2021.
All original tickets for these shows remain valid. However, should you wish to receive a refund you should contact your ticket agent directly.

We are still looking to re-arrange the other postponed shows and will let you know as soon as we have news.

For more info's, tickets and links please go to

Shop News
The limited edition “Only Stupid Bastards Beat Women” tee-shirt for the International Women's Day 2020, which was a variation on the iconic “Only Stupid Bastards...” design by Joolz, has now been produced and will be sent out over the next two weeks.

We can also announce that the classic Black Logo Tee has also been re-stocked in the NMA Shop in all sizes and can be found here:
Men's: HERE
Womens: HERE

Sadly we are having problems sourcing more of the new polo shirts and hoodies, but as soon as we do we will let you know.

More Live Tracks
Finally, as promised, the final installment of the live tracks recorded earlier this year at Manchester O2 Ritz are now available for free from:
Manchester Part 1: HERE
Manchester Part 2: HERE

Stay well, friends.

COVID-19 UPDATE 24/04/2020

Unsurprisingly, we are now re-arranging ALL our summer shows. We are confirmed on the Kubix Festival on the first weekend of July 2021 and Beautiful Days in August 2021 and we hope the same will be true of the Wacken and Burg Hertzberg Festivals. The events in Berlin are also being rescheduled into next summer. Tickets bought for these events will roll over but there will also be refunds made available. We are currently looking at alternative dates for the shows in Glasgow and Osnabruck and will let you know as soon as possible. At this time we are hopeful regarding the October shows but of course the situation is ongoing.

As a small consolation, we are making available a free download of tracks recorded at our Manchester gig in January, one batch this week and a second next week - HERE. Mixed with a big, boomy real-live sound, we hope you enjoy them.

Stay well, friends.

COVID-19 UPDATE 17/04/2020

Firstly we hope everyone is well out there. The current lockdown will be a different experience for us all depending on our domestic circumstances, but we hope that you are all coping OK.

Sadly, all German Festivals this year have been cancelled. Meanwhile, we have had no official word from Berlin regarding the concerts at the Tempodrom and SO36 but it seems unlikely that they will go ahead; we will know one way or another in the coming days. The same is true of Glasgow and Osnabruck. If these concerts are not happening this summer, they will be postponed rather than cancelled and we will rearrange dates.

At this stage the UK Festivals (Kubix Festival and Beautiful Days) are not cancelled, but again it seems unlikely that they will actually happen. However, we are optimistic that our shows from October onwards will go ahead as planned.

Shop News
We are still taking and processing orders and sending out items although this is now done on a twice-weekly rather daily basis. The ‘Only Stupid Bastards Beat Women’ T-shirts are being printed and we hope to begin sending these out next week. In addition we should be able to replenish some stock, notably the classic logos. All the remaining ‘From Here’ merchandise is now in the sale. Finally, we are down to the last few copies of the 1000 Voices CD/DVD digi-pack so this is the last chance to buy this record of the extraordinary event two years ago.

The band themselves are all in good health and are busy creating and living.
Stay well people x

Rescheduled Shows - Greece And Bulgaria

We have been able to reschedule the concerts in Athens, Thessaloniki and Sofia for the Autumn. The new dates are:

13 November Athens, Gagarin 205
14 November Thessaloniki, Principle Club
15 November Sofia, Mixtape 5

All original tickets are still valid for all these shows.

For more info's, tickets and links for these and other shows please go to

NMA - 40th Anniversary European Dates

This Autumn we will be doing two short European tours. Each of these concerts will be a three hour show, with material drawn from all eras of our history. This is to add to the double-nights in Dublin, Köln and Amsterdam and the concerts in Glasgow, Nottingham and London.

In addition, it is our hope and intention to make short visits to both North and South America in the second part of this year but, as yet, we have no confirmation or dates.

40th Anniversary European dates in full:


International Women's Day Limited Edition Tee

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are doing a special limited edition T-shirt, a variation on Joolz’s iconic “Only Stupid Bastards…” design. It will be available on black or white and in all sizes. 100% of proceeds from these shirts will be going to Women’s Refuge charities, which have been starved of funding in recent years.

This offer is open just until March 31st and is a pre-order. At the end of the month we will manufacture the shirts and send them out. After 31st March, it will no longer be available.

Pre-order it HERE:

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