Marshall Gill's arrival in 2005 gave NMA more unity and impetus than they'd had for some time and, after the initial writing period, this was a true 'band album' with major creative contributions from all members and the emphasis firmly back with guitars. With producer Chris Kimsey at the controls, it was recorded at the boutique State Of The Ark studio in London and mixed in Chris's own room at Sphere Studios. Released in August 2007 on Attack Attack.

Track Listing:
01 Wired (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, White, Gill)
02 One Of The Chosen (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, White, Gill)
03 High (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, White, Gill)
04 No Mirror, No Shadow (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, White, Gill)
05 Dawn (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, White, Gill
06 All Consuming Fire (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, White, Gill)
07 Sky In Your Eyes (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, White, Gill
08 Into The Wind (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, White, Gill)
09 Nothing Dies Easy (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, White, Gill)
10 Breathing (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, White, Gill
11 Rivers (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, White, Gill
12 Bloodsports (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, White, Gill)

Justin Sullivan: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards
Nelson: Bass, Backing Vocals
Dean White: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Michael Dean: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Marshall Gill: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Guest Appearance - Anna Esselmont: Violin

CD 20/08/2007 UK Attack Attack ATK 3212
CD 07/2007? UK Attack Attack ATK 2312 promo, numbered
CD 24/08/2007 DE Attack Attack ATK 2312
CD 04/09/2007 US Attack Attack (Redeye)
DD 04/09/2007 US Attack Attacl (iTunes) 262712611 AAC
DD 01/2008? UK Attack Attack (7digital) 131492 WMA
DD 01/2008? UK Attack Attack (7digital) 131492 MP3
DD 01/2008? UK Attack Attack (7digital) 131492 AAC

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