This musically ambitious album was recorded at Foel Studios in Wales with Chris Tsangerides producing and mixed by Nat Chan in London. With dark subjects ranging from "Red Earth" a result of the band's first visit to South Africa, the Bradford Riots ("Carlisle Road") and the death of Robert Heaton ("Fireworks Night") and with Dave Blomberg in the process of leaving the band for family reasons, making this was something of a difficult and intense experience. It was released in September 2005 on Attack Attack.

Track Listing:
01 Water (Sullivan, M. Dean)
02 BD3 (Sullivan, M. Dean)
03 Prayer Flags (Sullivan, M. Dean)
04 Carlisle Road (Sullivan)
05 Red Earth (Sullivan, M. Dean)
06 Too Close To The Sun (Sullivan)
07 Blue Beat (Sullivan, M. Dean)
08 Another Imperial Day (Sullivan, M. Dean)
09 LS43 (Sullivan)
10 Island (Sullivan, M. Dean)
11 Fireworks Night (Sullivan, M. Dean)

Justin Sullivan - Vocals, Guitar
Dean White - Keyboards, Guitars, Backing Vocals
Michael Dean - Drums, Backing Vocals
Nelson - Bass, Backing Vocals
Dave Blomberg - Guitar

CD 05/09/2005 UK Attack Attack (Rough Trade) ATK2311
CD 06/09/2005 US Attack Attack (Redeye) ATK2311
CD 2005 UK Attack Attack ID-2311109 (ATK2311) promo
DD 06/09/2005 UK Attack Attack (iTunes) 79704887 AAC
DD 06/09/2005 US Attack Attack (iTunes) 79704887 AAC
CD 2005 FR Attack Attack (XIII Bis) ATK2311
DD 09/2007 US Attack Attack (Amazon) B000QZZ144 MP3

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