One of the legacies of the "Strange Brotherhood" years was a lot of songs and material that had never been properly finished. From their new Bradford base, Justin, Michael and Dean set about finishing and mixing these tracks into a two CD compilation released on Attack Attack and released in 2002.

Track Listing: CD 1
01 Brother (Sullivan, Heaton, Nelson)
02 Sunset (Sullivan)
03 Southwest (Sullivan)
04 Song To The Men Of England (Shelley, Sullivan, Heaton)
05 Refugee (Heaton, Sullivan)
06 Higher Wall (Sullivan, Harris)
07 Far Better Thing (Sullivan)
08 Rainy Night 65 (Heaton, Sullivan)
09 Caslen Nice (Sullivan)
10 BD7 (Sullivan)
11 F (Sharp) NY Heaton, (Sullivan)
12 See You In Hell (Sullivan, Heaton)

CD 2: 01 Freedom '91
02 Wanting Heaton (Sullivan)
03 Still Here (Sullivan)
04 If You can't Save Me (Sullivan, Heaton, Nelson)
05 Falling (Sullivan)
06 Trees In Winter (Sullivan)
07 Knife (Sullivan)
08 Burning Season (Sullivan)
09 Coming Up Heaton (Sullivan)
10 Over The Wire (French Remix) (Sullivan, Heaton)

CD 18/02/2002 UK Attack Attack ATK 2305
DD 2005? US Attack Attack (Apple iTunes) 5881009 AAC
DD 09/2007? US Attack Attack (Amazon) B000QZZBGM MP3

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