In reaction from the marathon of their previous album, Strange Brotherhood, it was decided that this would be made painlessly and quickly. Immediately comfortable in his new partnership with Michael Dean, Justin declared himself 'reborn as a song-writer' and the songs were mostly recorded and mixed at the band's new permanent studio set-up at The Mill in Bradford. The whole process from writing to finishing was over in just a few short months with mostly Justin, Michael and Dean at the controls. As the eighth studio album, even the title incorporated the quick and direct approach. It was released in January 2000 on Attack Attack.

Track Listing:
1 Flying Through The Smoke Sullivan, Heaton
2 You Weren't There Sullivan
3 Orange Tree Roads Sullivan
4 Someone Like Jesus Sullivan
5 Stranger Sullivan
6 R&R Sullivan, Dean
7 Snelsmore Wood Sullivan
8 Paekakariki Beach Sullivan
9 Leeds Road 3am Sullivan, Dean
10 Mixam Sullivan, Dean
11 Wipeout Sullivan

Justin Sullivan - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Harmonica
Michael Dean - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Nelson - Bass, Percussion
Dean White - Keyboards, guitars, Bass, Programming, Manuals (!)
Dave Blomberg - Guitar

Guest: Mark Feltham - Harmonica

CD 31/01/2000 UK Attack Attack (Zomba) ATK2304 (330.2304.2)
CD 2000 UK Attack Attack promo
CD 06/02/2000 FR XIII Bis (Attack Attack)525 053 2
CD 2000 GR ?
DD 2005? US Attack Attack (Apple iTunes) 5664983 AAC
DD 09/2007? US Attack Attack (Amazon) B000R017PK MP3

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