"Strange Brotherhood' was the band's marathon album. They began pooling ideas in late 1994. Three producers, seven studios, two tumours and three long years later it was finished and finally released in April 1998. This was the first album . Unsurprisingly, it's an album full to the brim with different and contrasting musical ideas, the first to feature contributions from Dave Blomberg on guitar and Dean White on Keyboards, while the lyrics range from the politics of the British Road Protest movement (in which Sullivan had been actively involved during 1996) to the deeply personal and sometimes unusually obscure.

Track Listing:
1 Wonderful Way To Go (Sullivan, Heaton)
2 Whites Of Their Eyes (Sullivan, Heaton)
3 Aimless Desire (Sullivan, Heaton)
4 Over The Wire (Sullivan, Heaton)
5 Queen Of My Heart (Sullivan, Heaton)
6 Gigabyte Wars (Sullivan, Heaton)
7 Killing (Sullivan, Heaton, Nelson, Blomberg)
8 No Pain (Sullivan)
9 Headlights (Sullivan, Heaton, Nelson)
10 Big Blue (Heaton, Sullivan)
11 Long Goodbye (Sullivan)
12 Lullabye (Sullivan)

Justin Sullivan - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica
Robert Heaton - Drums, Guitar, Synth, Harmonica, Backing Vocals
Nelson - Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Violin, Backing Vocals
Dave Blomberg - Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Editing
Dean White - Keyboards, Clarinet, Backing Vocals


Rachel Hunter - String Section
Tobias Unterberg - String Section
Samantha Rowe - String Section
Ed Wolstenholme - String Section
Becky Pugh - String Section
Ed Collins - Brass Section
Simon Pugsley - Brass Section
Stuart Edge - Brass Section

There are a host of releases of this album from various countries. We've tried to gather all the information out there on the various releases, but some are just educated guesses, as denoted by a '?'.

CD 13/04/1998 UK Eagle (Attack Attack) EAGCD021 digipack
CT 13/04/1998 UK Eagle (Attack Attack) EAGCM021
CD 1998 UK Eagle (Attack Attack) EAG021P promo
CD 1998 DE EMI Electrola (Attack Attack) 7243 4 94024 2 3 digipack
CD 1998 NL EMI P519.936 promo
CT 1998 NL EMI Electrola (Attack Attack) 7243 4 94023 4 3
CT 1998 PL EMI Electrola (Attack Attacl ) 4 94023 4
CD 1998 NL Attack Attack (EMI) 7243 4 94579 2 8 Limited Edition

Bonus CD: See You In Hell, Sunset, Balad Of Bodmin Pill (live), The Hunt (live)
DD 2005? US Attack Attack (Apple iTunes) 5644221 ACC
DD 09/2007? US Attack Attack (Amazon) B000QZXY8O MP3

There was also a very limited edition on Strange Brotherhood released on vinyl over six sides.
LP 07/1998 UK Attack Attack ATKATK01 limited fan club edition

Track Listing: Wonderful Way To Go, Whites Of Their Eyes, Aimless Desire, Over The Wire, Queen Of My Heart, Gigabyte Wars, Killing, No Pain, Headlights, Big Blue, Long Goodbye, Lullaby, Brother, Southwest, Rainy Night 65, Refugee, Sunset, Caslen, See You In Hell

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