By the autumn of 1989, immediately the Thunder And Consolation tour ended, Justin and Robert were back in the Sawmills working towards another album and, in the new year, they were joined by a new bass player, Nelson. Partly self‐produced, "Impurity" was finally finished and mixed by Pat Collier in London in the summer of 1990. Still featuring Ed Alleyne Johnson' violin, the album was more eclectic than "Thunder" but continued many of its musical themes. It was released on EMI in September 1990.

Track Listing:
1 Get Me Out (Sullivan, Heaton)
2 Space (Sullivan, Heaton, Nelson)
3 Innocence (Sullivan, Heaton)
4 Purity (Sullivan)
5 Whirlwind (Sullivan, Heaton)
6 Lust For Power (Sullivan)
7 Bury The Hatchet (Heaton, Sullivan)
8 Eleven Years (Sullivan, Heaton)
9 Lurhstaap (Heaton, Sullivan)
10 Before I Get Old (Sullivan)
11 Vanity (Sullivan)

Justin Sullivan - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Robert Heaton - Drums, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nelson - Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Spoons
Ed Alleyne Johnson - Violins

guest: Joolz - Voice

There are a host of releases of this album from various countries. We've tried to gather all the information out there on the various releases, but some are just educated guesses, as denoted by a '?'.

LP 09/1990 UK EMI EMC 3561 (7 95217 2) gatefold sleeve
LP 1990 DE EMI 064-795214-1
LP 1990 ES EMI 058 79 5217 1 gatefold sleeve
CD 09/1990 UK EMI CD EMC 3581 (CDP 79 52172)
CT 09/1990 CA EMI (Capitol) C4 95217
CD 1990 AT EMI CD EMC 3581 (CDP 79 52172)
LP 1991? DE EMI 064-79 5217 1 (77779 52171) reissue
CT 1992 PL MG MG 1535 (counterfeit)
CD 13/02/2006 UK EMI 3535052 reissue
DD 01/2008? UK EMI (7digital) 24016 MP3, bonus track: Marrakesh

In 2005 EMI released a two CD remastered edition of Impurity featuring rarities, bonus tracks and B-sides.

CD 30/05/2005 UK EMI 5633692
CD 1: Get Me Out, Space, Innocence, Purity, Whirlwind, Marrakesh, Lust For Power, Bury The Hatchet, Eleven Years, Lurhstaap, Before I Get Old, Vanity
CD 2: Prison, Curse, Far Better Thing, Lurhstaap (accoustic version), Whirlwind (live), Space (live), Get Me Out (live), Purity (live), Innocence (live), Lurhstaap (live)

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