This is the album that many people believe to be the band's classic although the making of it was a long, drawn-out and difficult process. It was written quickly in two ten-day sessions in late 1987 and early 1988 at the legendary Sawmill Studio in Cornwall, only reachable by boat at high tide.

The following months, though, were far less straight-forward, while NMA chose a producer, another music legend ‐ Tom Dowd ‐ and set about recording the album at The Manor near Oxford while relationships between band members became increasingly strained, only really maintained by the knowledge that they were making something truly special. It brought the band a new member in violinist Ed Alleyne Johnson and was eventually finished back at the Sawmill. It was mixed partly by the band's choice, Andy Wallace, and partly by EMI's, Jon Kelly.

"Thunder and Consolation" was finally released early in 1989, striking a perfect balance between the band's fascinations with rock, folk and soul music and Justin's lyrical interest in spirituality, politics and family relationships. The album brought critical praise and considerable commercial success, including going 'gold' in Germany.

Track Listing:
1 I Love The World (Sullivan, Heaton)
2 Stupid Questions (Sullivan)
3 225 (Sullivan, Heaton)
4 Inheritance (Sullivan, Heaton)
5 Green And Grey (Heaton, Sullivan)
6 Ballad Of Bodmin Pill (Heaton, Sullivan)
7 Family (Sullivan, Heaton)
8 Family Life (Sullivan)
9 Vagabonds (Sullivan)
10 Archway Towers (Heaton, Sullivan)

Justin Sullivan: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Robert Heaton: Drums, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Jason Harris: Bass, Keyboards, Guitar
Ed Alleyne Johnson: Violin

There are a host of releases of this album from various countries. We've tried to gather all the information out there on the various releases, but some are just educated guesses, as denoted by a '?'.

LP 1989 UK EMI EMC 3552 gatefold sleeve
CT 1989 UK EMI TC EMC 3552?
LP 1989 EU EMI 064 79 1317 1 gatefold sleeve
LP 1989 US EMI (Capitol) C1-91317
LP 1989 GR EMI 064-7913171 (EMC 3552)
LP 1989 ES EMI 066 79 1317 1
LP 1989 IT EMI 7913171 gatefold sleeve
CT 1989 CA EMI C4 91317
CT 1989 US EMI C4 91317 promo, bonus track: 125 MPH
CD 1989 UK EMI
CDP 7913172 (564-7 91317 2) (CD EMC 3552)
CD 03/1989 US EMI (Capitol) C2 91317
LP 1989 BR EMI 066 791317 1
CD 1990? EU EMI 538-7 91317 2
LP 1990? EU EMI 038-79-1317 1 reissue?
CT 1990? EU EMI 238-7 91317 4 reissue?
LP 1990? UK Fame (EMI) 3257 gatefold sleeve, reissue
CT 1990? UK Fame (EMI) TC-FA 3257 reissue
CT 1992 PL MG MG 1685 (counterfeit)
CD 2001? EU EMI CDP 7913172 (CDEMC 3552) reissue
CD 13/02/2006 UK EMI 3535102 reissue
DD 01/2008 UK EMI (7digital) 23350 MP3

Bonus Tracks: The Charge, Chinese Whistpers, Nothing Touches, White Coats

In 2005 EMI released a two CD remastered edition of Thunder And Consolation with rarities, bonus tracks and B-sides: CD 30/05/2005 UK EMI 5633592

CD 1:
1 I Love The World
2 Stupid Questions
3 225
4 Inheritance
5 Green & Grey
6 Ballad Of Bodmin Pill
7 Family
8 Family Life
9 Vagabonds
10 Archway Towers

CD 2:
1 White Coats
2 The Charge
3 Chinese Whispers
4 Nothing Touches
5 The Mermaid Song
6 Adrenalin (electric version)
7 Deadeye
8 Higher Wall
9 125 MPH
10 I Love The World (live)
11 Green & Grey (live)
12 Archway Towers (live)
13 Vagabonds (live)
14 225 (live)

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