The Ghost of Cain, released in 1986 on EMI, is the third studio album by New Model Army. Produced by Glyn Johns, the album propelled the band to the forefront of the alternative rock scene in the 1980s. It was the first album to feature new bassist, Jason 'Moose' Harris and also features harmonica legend, Mark Feltham, as special guest on "Poison Street" and "Ballad".

Brazilian thrash metal band Sepultura covered the song "The Hunt" on their 1993 album, Chaos A.D. UK folk metal band Skyclad covered the song "Master Race" on their Oui Avant-Garde á Chance album in 1996.

Track Listing:
1 The Hunt (Sullivan, Heaton)
2 Lights Go Out (Sullivan, Heaton)
3 51st State (Cartwright/NMA)
4 All Of This (Sullivan, Heaton)
5 Poison Street (Sullivan, Heaton)
6 Western Dream (Sullivan, Heaton)
7 Love Songs (Sullivan, Heaton)
8 Heroes (Sullivan)
9 Ballad (Sullivan)
10 Master Race (Sullivan)

There are a host of releases of this album from various countries. We've tried to gather all the information out there on the various releases, but some are just educated guesses, as denoted by a '?'.

LP 09/1986 UK EMI EMC3516
CT 09/1986 UK EMI TC EMC 3516?
LP 1986 US EMI (Capitol) ST-12527
CT 1986 US EMI (Capitol) 4XT-12527
CT 1986 US EMI (Capitol) 4XT-12527 Advance Promo
LP 1986 CA Capitol ST-12527
CT 1986? TW EMI EMC-3516 (RE-2118)
LP 1986? NL EMI 2406321
LP 1986? ES EMI 066 24 0632 1
LP 1986? GR EMI 062-2406321 (EMC-3516)
LP 1986 AU EMI EMC.2406321 Promo
CD 04/1987 UK EMI CDP 7 46695 2 (CD-EMC 3516)
LP 1987 BR EMI 31C 064 240632
CD 12/04/1995 ZA EMI cdemcj (wm) 5583
CD 13/02/2006 UK EMI 3535092 Reissue
DD 01/2008? UK EMI (7digital) 22566 MP3

EMI released a 2CD remastered edition of The Ghost Of Cain in 2005 containing rarities, bonus tracks and B-sides: CD 30/05/2005 UK EMI 5633652

CD 1:
1 The Hunt
2 Lights Go out
3 51st State
4 All Of This
5 Poison Street
6 Western Dream
7 Love Songs
8 Heroes
9 Ballad
10 Master Race

CD 2:
1 Brave New World
2 Brave New World 2
3 R.I.P.
4 Ten Commandments
5 Courage
6 Poison Street (12" mix)
7 Lights Go Out (US mix)
8 The Hunt (live)
9 All Of This (live)
10 Love Songs (live)
11 51st State (live)

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