Released in 1991and released on EMI, this was originally a double live album recorded from the 1990 european tour.

Track Listing:
01 Whirlwind (Sullivan, Heaton)
02 The Charge (Sullivan, Heaton)
03 Space (Sullivan, Heaton, Nelson)
04 Purity (Sullivan)
05 White Coats (Sullivan, Heaton, Harris)
06 Vagabonds (Sullivan)
07 Get Me Out (Sullivan, Heaton)
08 A Liberal Education (Sullivan, Morrow)
09 Better than Them (Sullivan)
10 Innocence (Sullivan, Heaton)
11 Lurhstaap (Heaton, Sullivan)
12 Lovesongs (Sullivan, Heaton)
13 Archway Towers (Heaton, Sullivan
14 Smalltown England (Sullivan, Morrow)
15 Green & Grey (Heaton, Sullivan)
16 I Love The World (Sullivan, Heaton)

Justin Sullivan: Vocals, Guitars
Robert Heaton: Drums, Vocals
Nelson: Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Ed Alleyne Johnson: Electric Violin, Keyboards, Mandolin
Adrian Portas: Guitars

There are a host of releases of this album from various countries. We've tried to gather all the information out there on the various releases, but some are just educated guesses, as denoted by a '?'.

Version / Date / Country / Caralogues Number / Notes
LP 10/06/1991 UK EMI EMC 3595 (796663-1) double album
CD 10/06/1991 UK EMI CD EMC 3595 (CDP 796663-2)
CT 10/06/1991 UK EMI TC EMC 3595?
CD 1991 CA EMI C2 96663
LP 1991? DE EMI 7 96663-1 double album
CD 12/04/1995 ZA EMI cdemcj (wm) 5582
DD 01/2008 UK EMI (7digital) 24074 MP3

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