This was released in 1993 by Windsong. Recorded live at the Eissporthalle, Berlin, Germany on the 5th November 1990.
01 Ambition (Sullivan)
02 The Charge (Sullivan, Heaton)
03 Purity (Sullivan)
04 Innocence (Sullivan, Heaton)
05 Lovesongs (Sullivan, Heaton)
06 Lurhstaap (Heaton, Sullivan)
07 Green And Grey (Heaton, Sullivan)
08 Stupid Questions (Sullivan)
09 Smalltown England (Sullivan, Morrow)
10 Archway Towers (Heaton, Sullivan)
11 51st State (Cartwright, NMA)
12 I Love The World (Sullivan, Heaton)
13 White Coats (Sullivan, Heaton, Harris)

Justin Sullivan: Vocals, Guitar
Robert Heaton: Drums
Nelson: Bass
Adrian Portas: Guitar
Ed Alleyne Johnson: Violin

Version / Date / Country / Catalogue Number / Notes
CD 21/12/1993 UK Windsong (BBC) WINCD 051

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