(Sullivan/Heaton) 1995

I was working shift on the six o'clock, quiet in the pale dawn.
Found a bird caught in the machinery - set it free and watched it go.
Quit the job that very day, and flew into the sky.
Just following after this aimless desire, this awful desire, this worthless desire.

Now I've found causes and I've found families, but nothing ever lasts.
I've known people I'd die for - if only they had asked.
Where I'm from is not my home, and neither's where I'm bound.
Just following after this aimless desire, worthless desire.
So tonight beneath the bridge where the fires burn,
God, take the freedom back, deliver me from the aimless desire, the worthless desire.
And chimera she waits, and I have still got this hole in me still got this hole inside of me.

Published by Attack Attack Music/Warner Chappell Music Ltd

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