(Sullivan) 2019

You can journey deep inside or out into the world – at the end you’ll find the same
The overgrown pathways lead all the way back to the place from where we came
There’s a beach that we go to, to catch a breath of faraway
One time we were down by the water’s edge as all the light turned burnished gold
And looking back along the cliffs a hundred people
from everywhere just standing in silence
All just staring at the setting sun

There’s a swollen river running through our lives – of course it’s faster every day
Takes familiar things that we know and love and carries them away
There’s always sadness in the heroes’ eyes – what to do after the victory parade
All was left on the mountainside, then returning to a world that had changed
We become like a people listening for the bells
of a church submerged a hundred years ago
All just staring at the setting sun

Our spirits are all such restless things like the flying snow
The tangle of paths all lead at the end to the western shore
Where we could watch the future coming in the coiling of the clouds
Infinity calls, infinity calls
I’m going back over the mountains over the oceans to the horizon

Published by PRS/MCPS

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