Waiting in the setting sun at the end of the road
The armies have moved away like the fading gold
I stand sentry by the rusting gate but no one comes
Nothing moves this way in the valley of stone
The evening shadows steal across the hills
And only the seasons change, only the seasons change
I've seen so much more than I wanted to see
The flies all swarming round in the blistering heat
Layer upon layer here of the same old curse
The red blood draining down into the blood red earth
In the end we all tell these stories just the same
And only the names are changed, only the names are changed
The empires rising, falling like the seas
Their voices are just the whispers in the trees
I lock the chain upon the gate for the end of the day
I clean the gun that I'll never use and lay it away
As the stars spread like splinters of the sun
And only the seasons change, only the seasons change
Published by Attack Attack Music

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