This was a promotional sampler compilation album released in conjunction with the remastered series of albums on EMI.

01 No Rest (Sullivan, Morrow, Heaton)
02 Frightened (Sullivan, Morrow)
03 Betcha (live) (Sullivan, Morrow, Tompkins)
04 The Hunt (Sullivan, Heaton)
05 51st State (Cartwright, NMA)
06 Brave New World (Sullivan, Heaton, Harris, Joolz)
07 Green And Grey (Heaton, Sullivan)
08 225 (Sullivan, Heaton)
09 Vagabonds (live) (Sullivan)
10 Space (Sullivan, Heaton, Nelson)
11 Whirlwind (Sullivan, Heaton)
12 Get Me Out (Sullivan, Heaton)

Version / Date / Country / Catalogue Number / Notes
CD 05/2005 UK EMI ? promo

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