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40th Anniversary Concert Update 25/10/20

Dear everyone.

The response to last night has been overwhelmingly positive.

We always knew that doing it totally live would be a risk; that, at times, the band would 'make mistakes', the cameras and video feeds might be look bit haphazard, the sound mix wouldn't be perfect studio quality. But we thought that it was the right, and for us, the only way to approach it, because we believed that what people really want and need at the moment is something with the spirit that only a truly live event can create.

However, we are aware that some people had connection issues, drop-outs, buffering problems. Far worse than that, a few people who bought tickets, never received their link. Despite having a team of people answering emails and coping with a surge in last-minute sales, we were never able to catch up with the amount of email traffic coming in yesterday. For this, we can only apologise.

The stream will now move to a different pay-to-view platform at https://www.themill.tv/, which should be available from tonight. However, EVERYONE that bought a ticket for last night will receive a code to watch this for FREE for a single one-off 24 hour period on Wednesday - we only ask that people don't share the code and don't leave it running if they're not actually watching it.

Meanwhile if you want more live NMA, on this anniversary weekend, WDR's Rockpalast, who are one of the best live-music recording outfits in the World, are broadcasting their four NMA concerts (1990,1996, 2001 and 2006) in their chronological entirety this afternoon into tonight.


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