(Sullivan / Nelson / Dean / White / Gill) 2009
Across the land the air is still
The leaves are falling golden one by one
Like the paper money falls
Or the soldiers stealing homeward
There is only beginning
And there is beginning of the end
All the peoples are moving
Like the waters of a great flood

And everything is beautiful
Because everything is dying

So we went down to the beach
And built a fire to remember
We took the last bottle of wine
And drank a toast to mortality
And we scrawled across the cold wet sand
With our bare feet ‘We Told You So'
And watched the waves steal it away
I caught you smile and I heard you say

Everything is beautiful
Because everything is dying

So who wants to live forever
When these moments will only come the once?
Staring into the embers of the fire...

And everything is beautiful
Only because everything is dying

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