(Sullivan, M Dean) 2014

So you found your way out there to the edge of the world
Where the falcons fly but you're still pinned to the ground
So up the stony pathways like Moses before
To stand high on your mountain and look down on us all

They call this faith, they call it a devils bargain
Or just following on to the end

There's a thousand little tricks and games of control
And the withholding of love is the cruelest of all
People are like trees, they sway and they bend
But you stand like a rock and face into the wind

They call this faith...

And the closer to the sun, the colder and thinner the air becomes
But you were never scared of anything or anyone
You stand like a statue as the animals come
To take from your hand, to eat from your hand

There's a dusty old photograph I'll always recall
Maybe it's true what they say – it takes a piece of your soul
You were jumping from the bridge and falling into space
Looking back at the camera with that smile on your face

They call this faith...

Published by Attack Attack Music

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