You’d better watch your credibility
You know they’re out there waiting just to slag you down
You’d better learn the latest watchwords
And remember only wear whatever’s going down
Believe what you read in the NME,
Let other people tell you what you want to be
See the world how they want you to see
Ch: Fashion – you know you’re two weeks out of date
The spoilt generation – watch them biting at the bait
Fashion – can’t you see I’ve cut my hair
The spoilt generation – what I am is what I wear
You know we’ve got the eduction and we’ve got sophistication
And we know the scene
We’ve got interesting concepts
And it doesn’t really matter to us what they mean
We’ve got the right opinions, know what to say
I’m gonna be a somebody, I practice every day
Dealing with myself in the fashionable way
Ch: Fashion – you know you’re two weeks out of date
Fashion is a weapon just to do you right down
If you don’t know the rules you’d better leave town
God and the Devil in redundancy
Is the world full of shit heads or is it just me?
(Sullivan 1980)

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