(Sullivan 2002)
All through the night we were battered by storms in the darkness
But at dawn the wind dropped away and we sighted the land
Suddenly there, a break in the cloud, like the coming of God in the world
In diamonds of sun on the water
Diamonds of sun on the water
Somewhere beneath the noise of our lives there is stillness
In points of light from the fireflies to the stars
Where arm in arm, come Abel and Cain, walking down to the sea
To gaze at the sun on the water
Just to gaze at the sun on the water
Once all our paths led us onwards
Now they are guiding us home
From the courts of the kings, we are returning
One by one
Now from desks in the cities with faraway eyes
All staring out over the roofs
We're dreaming of sun on the water
Dreaming of sun on the water
Attack Attack Music/MCPS

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