(Sullivan/Nelson/Dean/White/Gill) 2007
Between the chords of a song years ago
You saw a crack of light or was it a cause to follow?
You've been chasing ever since around these streets
For just the promise of a promise and nothing more to keep
You drove us like a crazy man through those narrow cobbled streets
You said "there's nothing to fear" and we all smiled
Round and round in that little car while the city lay asleep
The city lay asleep
With sky in your eyes, shy in your eyes
The next day we went up to a ruined temple
high on a cliff above the opal sea
And watched as the angry storms chased around the bay
and suddenly the wind rose up and the thunder cracked
and you looked like you were home with your
weather-beaten face fixed in some kind of ecstasy
When the lightning hit the road just a few yards away
We all jumped up and shouted out but you never moved
Just stared ahead like you'd seen a ghost
So who was the ghost?
One part left behind, one part already gone
And one part standing here with sky in your eyes
With the sky in your eyes, with the sky in your eyes
If they won't make you captain then you sail your own ship
With your own colours tied to the mast
Setting sail for the far side of anywhere
Beyond and behind your thousand yard stare
With the sky in your eyes, with the sky in your eyes
Published by Attack Attack Music/MCPS

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