(Sullivan/Dean) 2005
I met a Moko man from the other side
The room began to capsize as he was telling me his tales
And all my beliefs and best belongings
were flying useless through the air
And when they all were lost, then we were brothers
By the wheel the teller stands, shaking numbers from his hands
His face is masked and his coat tails are waving
He cries - "Round and round and round She goes
Where She lands nobody knows
But, hey, thank you for asking"
The prayer flags are flying in the wind...
In the last days of winter just a few of us remained
We built a fire of remembrance on the frozen land
And as the sparks flew up into the night to dance around the stars
Beneath our very feet the ground was shifting
The prayer flags are flying in the wind
The prayer wheels spinning in the wind
And there she blows... our time is gone
And in the womb a new head is beginning to turn
Beyond these Carnival lights there is nothing at all
Just the distant screams and the endless fall
A single drop of rain falls on my windscreen
We're closer to the very edge than we realise
The bridges all have been washed away or bombed out
And the water runs fast and black and cold
The prayer flags flying in the wind
Attack Attack Music/MCPS

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