(Sullivan) 2005
Busted out to the halfway house at the top of Undercliffe Road
You and me and your motorbike in the ice and the drifting snow
3am and empty, the city ours alone
And laughing through the trails of frozen breathing
I swore to you that I could fly if you'd only let me go
Holding on as we leant over the edge of Baildon Moor
And far beneath the shadowed lands, the rocks and the shapeless dark
And all that space for us to fall in
And all I could feel was myself falling...
Neon weekends and madhouse nights and so much time to taste
We built monuments to the things we loved, then laid each one to waste
All in suicidal vengeance, screaming justice, justice now
As across the burning bridges we thundered
Now all the rooms at the Inn are taken by those wiser than us
We're still driving for the sunset, love, and then on into the dusk
Because all the dreams were meaningless and impossible to touch
But we're still crazed enough to drive forever
I swear that I can stay awake for ever
Attack Attack Music/MCPS

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