(Sullivan) 2002
Green is what I see when I close my eyes, drifting out of here 
The colour of the forests and the uniforms and the bottles of beer
Flying in low above the cedar trees through the soaking air
Our voices raised high against the rotor blades and the beating of fear
So long ago
Green is what I was the last time I saw my family 
I was hungry then for anything and everything
The world could throw at me
Then we were sweeping over lands that I never knew were there
With half a pound of dope and cigarettes
For the soldiers on either side
Of the burning bridge
They shipped us out but I never went home 
Driving timber on these mountain roads
You skip a beat and seven years goes by
Tonight again I'll dream I'm walking across the room in the moonlight 
I'll throw the windows open wide, smell the falling dew outside
Climb out onto the roof, close my eyes
And I'll begin to fly
Published by MCPS

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