(Sullivan) 2021

Night-time people, police and dealers
Dim sodium lights, long tree-lined avenues
A boy in the patchwork shadows
Kicking at the headlights until they glow a little
Scent of jasmine, midnight coffee

Throw a seed anywhere it will grow up strong and tall
New life flickers in every crevice of the wall
And a warm wind comes blowing through the flowering trees
And the miles of white tower blocks all stretching up to breathe in the night

And all the land was stolen, guarded and sown
There are fires in the forests and emptied villages
And people arrive from everywhere
High cheek-boned, sunken eyes, beautiful faces

And the busses rattle over the potholes and the night falls so fast
And the lime and the sugar, strong is the taste of life
And the veil is so thin between the spirit world and this
And the warm wind blows through it and touches like a kiss on the lips

Ayahuasca, I’ve been a liar
The animal stirs, listens to the forest
Day-glow graffiti, prayers and blessings
Hanging in the branches

Published by PRS/MCPS

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