(Sullivan) 2021

I got in when the car pulled over
We made our introductions above the roar of the engine
Though I have long forgotten the names
The driver said, “We’re all angels - flying high”
And I looked in their eyes and believed him
As the car went careering, skidding across the lanes
I sat back in my seat and smiled to myself
I’ll take what’s coming and let Old Fate decide
What a ride, what a ride

Remember the time we slept high on a cliff
And woke in the night to find the sky and the bay turned black
And then the thunder cracked and sheets of lightning,
Sheets of rain came scything down
We trailed into town with everything soaked
And waited for an early morning cafe to open doors
And sat there shivering, just watching the rain
I was so in love with that romantic stuff, an aching hole inside
All my life I’ve been a fool but what a ride, what a ride

So look back over your shoulder, see how far you have come
And all the things that you’ve brought with you, so much you have to carry
And He’s always standing there, His silver cane and silver hair
And down beneath His wagon, the freshly oiled wheels turning…

At the head of the cortege the New Orleans band
Played Amazing Grace, as down the street they came
And then came a moment when everything fell silent
The birds and the traffic and the band
And we stood together beneath the trees and the sun
You ran for music and ran for love
I can picture you still across the Great Divide
What a ride, what a ride
What a ride, what a ride

Published by PRS/MCPS

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