(Sullivan) 2021

In the long and broken night sticky with the bad dreams
You see the faces of the past slowly floating downstream
Like thieves coming in the dark to steal away your halo
And all the briars and the thorns scratching at your window
You say a clean horizon is all that you need
With nothing heavy in your hands, nothing dragging at your feet

Sometimes you count the cost of everything you’ve been through
And all the wreckage of those lives strewn all around you
And now you have to be careful where you tread
Trying not to remember what you can’t forget

I’ve seen you tearing at yourself to shed your skin
And how you cannot stop once you begin
It clings to you again and again
But for that clean horizon you’d do anything

Ah, that clean horizon is always the dream
With nothing heavy in your heart or dragging at your feet

Published by PRS/MCPS

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