The odd title of the album "Fuck Texas, Sing For Us", is taken from an audience chant that preceded the encore in New Orleans earlier in 2008 after Justin had mentioned on stage that his voice was a bit ropey and the band had a long journey to Austin, Texas the following day.

The album was recorded during the High tour of 2007/2008 and features selected recordings from a number of venues that have were spun together to form a single concert - much like as on "...& Nobody Else". Mixed by Justin, Michael and Dean in the band's Bradford studio, the album has been mastered by Jon Astley, whose recent projects have included the re-remastering of The Who's back catalogue, and Joolz' new album Spirit Stories. Leaning heavily on material from High, it also includes live recording of classics such as Poison Street, Family and 225 which have never been released on an official live album before. The version of Vagabonds is a re-working by Marshall, substituting a Les Paul Custom, a Marshall JCM800 and volume for a violin...

Track Listing:
01 Intro
02 225 (Sullivan, Heaton)
03 Nothing Dies Easy (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, Gill)
04 Island (Sullivan, Dean)
05 Into The Wind (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, Gill)
06 Breathing (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, Gill)
07 Rivers (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, Gill)
08 One Of The Chosen (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, Gill)
09 Bloodsports (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, Gill)
10 Lust For Power (Sullivan)
11 No Mirror, No Shadow (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, Gill)
12 High (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, Gill)
13 Family (Sullivan, Heaton)
14 Vagabonds (Sullivan)
15 Wired (Sullivan, Nelson, Dean, Gill)
16 Bad Old World (Sullivan)
17 Master Race (Sullivan)
18 Poison Street (Sullivan, Heaton)

Justin Sullivan: Vocals, Guitars
Nelson: Bass, Backing Vocals
Michael Dean: Drums, Backing Vocals
Dean White: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Marshall Gill: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Version / Date / Country / Catalogue Number / Notes
CD 17/11/2008 UK Attack Attack ATK2314
DD 17/11/2008 UK Attack Attack (7digital) 338163 MP3

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