History - The Singles '85 - '91 (1992)

This compilation was released by EMI in 1992.

01 No Rest (edit) (Sullivan, Morrow, Heaton)
02 Better Than Them (Sullivan)
03 Brave New World (Sullivan, Heaton, Harris, Joolz)
04 51st State (Cartwright, NMA)
05 Poison Street (Sullivan, Heaton)
06 White Coats (edit) (Sullivan, Heaton, Harris)
07 Stupid Questions (Sullivan)
08 Vagabonds (edit) (Sullivan)
09 Green And Grey (edit) (Heaton, Sullivan)
10 Get Me Out (Sullivan, Heaton)
11 Purity (edit) (Sullivan)
12 Space (live) (Sullivan, Heaton, Nelson)
13 Far Better Thing (Sullivan)
14 Higher Wall (Sullivan, Harris)

There are a host of releases of this album from various countries. We've tried to gather all the information out there on the various releases, but some are just educated guesses, as denoted by a '?'.

Version / Date / Country / Catalogue Number / Notes
CD 03/03/1992 UK EMI CDP 7989542 (CDEMC 3622)
CT 03/03/1992 UK EMI CDP?
CD 1992 NL EMI 7989542
CT 1992 FR EMI?
CT 1992 TR Kent Elektronik (EMI) TCP 2556
CD 1992 CA Capitol-EMI C2 98954
LP 1992 UK EMI EMCX 3622 limited edition with bonus 12"
LP 1992 DE 064-79 8954 1 includes bonus 12"

Track Listing of Bonus 12":
Far Better Thing, Higher Wall, Adrenalin (electric version), Lurhstaap (acoustic version)

This album was also re-released in 2001 with different artwork
Version / Date / Country / Catalogue Number / Notes
CD 16/04/2001 UK EMI 7243 5 32568 2 1
CD 2001 NL EMI 7989542
DD 09/2007? US EMI (Amazon) B000T1CORC MP3
DD 01/2008? UK EMI (7digital) 259044 MP3

It was also released as Brazilian only compilation in 2001 with different artwork and additional tracks.
Version / Date / Country / Catalogue Number / Notes
CD 2001 BR Falcon 1142-NMACD

Track Listing: No Rest (edit), Better Than Them, Brave New World, 51st State, Poison Street, White Coats (edit), Stupid Questions, Vagabonds (edit), Green And Grey (edit), Get Me Out, Purity (edit), Space (live), Far Better Thing, Higher Wall, Here Comes The War, Fate, Living In The Rose, Undersatnd U, My People, Afternoon Song

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