Justin Sullivan - Clean Horizon

Here is a second track from Justin’s ‘Surrounded’ album, entitled ‘Clean Horizon’.

“I think that unaffected simplicity is the holy grail for song-writers, but of course you can’t make that happen either by force of will or by hard work. I think that it’s more a case of being open to what comes. Just occasionally there are songs that kind of write themselves. I fall into conversation with a person – it might be someone I know well or a complete stranger – and in the course of the conversation I can suddenly see directly into the person’s heart, I can feel their story and I want to write it. Combine this with a simple melody and it’s done. Clean Horizon was one such song, written and recorded very quickly the morning after one of these conversations, with just a guitar and voice and with the later addition of my friend Tobias Unterberg’s wonderfully emotive cellos.” JS

‘Surrounded’ will be released on 28th of May on double vinyl, media-book CD and digital, accompanied by the longing-awaited re-release of Justin’s first solo album ‘Navigating by the Stars’. Both are available to pre-order now from all the usual big outlets but we are recommending independent online retailers running special bundles. In the UK, this will be Townsend. However, we are aware that shipping costs and Brexit nonsense will make it easier and cheaper for many people to pre-order in their own countries. This link should take you to different outlets depending on your ip address.


Unfortunately, the North American physical release has been delayed until July 21st but the album will be available digitally on May 28th.

In addition, Justin has been booked to play a series of socially-distanced (and many open air) solo shows in Germany. Originally scheduled for June the shows have now been moved to September because of the on-going Coronavirus pandemic restrictions. All tickets remain valid for the new dates.

01.09. Übach-Palenberg, Rockfabrik
02.09. Dortmund, FZW
03.09. Coesfeld, Fabrik
04.09. Worpswede, Music Hall
06.09. Hamburg, Knust
07.09. Rostock, Mau
08.09. Neuroppin, Bodoni-Museum
09.09. Leipzig, Moritzbastei - Terrasse
10.09. Nürnberg, Löwensaal Garden (Open Air)
11.09. Lindau, Club Vaudeville
13.09. Freiburg, Jazzhaus
15.09. Tübingen, Sudhaus
16.09. München, Backstage Areal Süd Open Air
17.09. Frankfurt, Batschkapp Sommergarten
18.09. Osnabrück, Hyde Park
20.09. Köln, Freideck Kantine Open Air

Stay safe everyone. We hope to see you soon.

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