Michael Dean has entered into a sponsorship deal with EcHo Custom Drums from Manchester.

Based in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, EcHo is the father and son team of Dave Quinn Sr and Jr.

EcHo  makes snare drums using brass, aluminium, carbon steel and copper - and complete kits from aluminium. The snares are hand-made, using the highest certified metals, with punched holes, hand-spun bearing edges and pressed (crimped) snare beds. Each shell has a single vertical welded seam. There is an almost limitless array of finishes including polished, brushed or raw shells, powder coating, spray painting, clear lacquering and even vinyl wraps. Hardware can be plated in chrome, black or 24 carat gold, while shells may be beaded, hammered or engraved.

Michael's custom snare's are a 14 x 7 brass hand hammered snare and a 12 x 7 aluminium in flame red, both specifically tailored to Michael's and NMA's sound.

"These UK-made drums all arrived perfectly tuned - and they sounded to die for." Rhythm Magazine
"It's hard to see how EcHo can improve on this first collection of metal shell snares, which are superb in every department." Rhythm Magazine

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