We all really enjoyed our first gig with new bass player Ceri Monger (02/06/12). Unfortunately, our van, parked outside the Holiday Inn Express, Walsall, was broken into over night and most of the band's guitars and small items were stolen.

We would like to thank all the people and bands who lent us equipment in order for us to play the Strummercamp Festival Sunday night. The stolen eqipment includes both Marshall's Gibson Les Pauls and Justin's two Lowdens that had previously survived the fire(!). We would be very grateful for any help in retrieving this equipment - the full list is:

Gibson Les Paul Custom - red (serial number 2051429)
Gibson Les Paul Standard - black (serial number 90362428)
Epiphone Riviera - red with tremelo arm (serial number R97C0572)
Lowden 025 acoustic guitar with pick-up (serial number 5131)
Lowden 025 acoustic guitar with pick-up (serial number 12288)
Gibson SG - black (serial number 8176566)
Fender Precision bass - black

All these items were in new or nearly new Hiscox guitar cases

Evolution Keyboard (serial number MK361C - 222941)
Ampeg SVT 3 amplifier head
Fender Blues Junior guitar combo (serial number B-181446) USA model 110volts.
Custom built pedalboard containing three way control unit for Blackstar combo amplifier, 2 x Boss digital delays, tremelo and tuner pedals and a Cry-baby wah pedal
Boss pedalboard containing Boss digital delay, bass overdrive, chorus, compression, and tuner pedals
Gator 2U case containing AKG guitar radio receiver (serial number AK3254-001272)

All these items were in new or nearly new cases

Heavy multi-guitar rack
Flight case containing tools for guitar repairs
Bag containing microphone stands/drum loom
Bag containing guitar cables, looms, power supplies, plectrums, capos, two guitar radio transmitters

If you have any information please call the Police Station (crime number 20WS/91324T/12 -
Walsall Police Station 0345 1135000) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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