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Thoughts On The Passing Of Lemmy And David Bowie

It’s a sad week that has seen the passing of Lemmy and David Bowie. Much has been written about both, by people more knowledgeable than I, but I do have a couple of memories to share.

When I was fourteen, we had a very progressive music teacher who allowed the class to bring in their favourite albums, play songs and talk about why they loved them. It was there that I first heard the first Hawkwind album and I was utterly transfixed – it was exactly what I was looking for at that time, hard, driving but at the same time a bit other-worldly. Some years later in Bradford, Motorhead were the only band who bridged the sharp divide between the punks and the bikers/rockers. They were played in every club – it’s strange for music that is so straight-forward to be able to defy definition. And when we moved to London briefly in 1984/5, whichever club we went into, Lemmy always seemed to be there quietly in the corner playing on the machines. Memorably at Joolz’s 30th birthday party, while the chairs, tables and bottles were flying in some mass brawl or other, he barely looked up and just went on playing. I’m not really a fan of the idea of ‘rock’ culture; so much of it is shallow, materialistic and fake. But Motorhead were always real. The last time we played together was a festival in Austria somewhere, about five or six years ago, and they were still doing it with the same sense of belief, spirit and defiance.

David Bowie was of course part of my musical youth, from the moment I first heard Space Oddity (aged thirteen). My younger sister had the full Aladdin Sane look and we had all the early albums, favourites to play excessively loud when the parents were out. In 1976 I remember playing Station to Station on repeat through my first weeks in Bradford. It’s strange now to think that NMA must have performed with him about eight times. The first was perhaps the most memorable – back in 1987 when we were pretty much unknown and (thanks to an influential supporter) we got to open for him in front 40,000 people by the old Reichstag in Berlin on his Glass Spider tour. We were nervous and excited and about ten minutes before we went on, there was a polite knock at our porta-cabin door and in walked Mr Bowie to say hi, make a little small-talk and wish us luck for our show. We were dumb-struck and hugely impressed. In 1991 we did two shows together when he was doing a greatest hits tour – on a great bill featuring DB, Midnight Oil, The Pixies, NMA and others. I remember watching the whole of one of his performances from out front thinking ‘he’s played them all now… oh wait, there’s that one and that one and that one’ and so on, for two straight hours – so many wonderful songs.

Then, in the mid 1990s we were part of four or five “Go Bang Festivals” with Bowie, The Prodigy, Rage Against The Machine, Machine Head, ourselves and others. The bill looked rather better on paper than it actually turned out - the weather was grim, Bowie was experimenting with drum n bass stuff, Prodigy and RATM seemed a bit tired and over-toured and our heads were rather locked in the Strange Brotherhood project. But as always, backstage DB was charming, quiet, polite, humourous and very knowledgeable.

Of course his passing has brought thousands of tributes. And the different emphases depend on what is important to whoever’s writing. The media types will focus on his ability to ‘re-invent’ himself for the media. As a song-writer, I think it’s his song-writing that I cherish most – such a wonderful command of melodies and keys and memorable lines and images and just so many great, great songs.

What both Lemmy and David Bowie had in common was that they were both at ease being themselves and pursuing exactly what they wanted to pursue whatever anyone else thought. Sure they were different, but both were very true English gentlemen in their own ways, modest and fiercely independent of mind and spirit.

Big respect to both.


Charity Concert For Refugees

Justin and Dean will be playing a Refugee Benefit concert in Vienna on 6th Feb 2016.


Goldschlagstrasse 169
1140 Wien

Website: HERE
Email: buero@sargfabrik.at
Tickets are priced at €22.00 (pre-sale) and can can be purchased direct from the website as a print at home ticket HERE

Also on the bill are:
Salah Ammo & Peter Gabis
Alp Bora
Batala Boom
DJane Larissa

For more information about the Lifeline Charity Concert and ticket links please see the Tour page HERE

***Update On Matt Reid's "Between Dog And Wolf - The New Model Army Story" Documentary DVD***

We are happy to announce that the remaining DVD's of Matt Reid's "Between Dog And Wolf - The New Model Army Story" documentary have now arrived in the Shop. As you may be aware there were production problems, completely beyond our control, in the manufacturing of the DVD which resulted in this long delay. In October we were able to secure an agreement from Cadiz Music, the production company, to airfreight a limited number of the DVD's directly to the Shop allowing us to ship all orders made before September 1st and these were sent out late October / early November. All other DVD's came by sea, hence the delay. We are now, finally, in a position to honour the remaining orders.

The Shop is working hard to process the backlog, and considering the large number of orders involved, this may take several days (from 25/11/15, though we expect them to be all sent out by the 27th). Could you also please note that delivery, depending on where you are in the world, can take from between 2-28 days.

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You can see the documentary trailer HERE
And an interview with Matt Reid and Jonathan Green from Raindance HERE

***NMA Wacken Set Available online from ARTE***

ARTE are streaming New Model Army's complete set from Wacken Open Air Festival on their website which will be available to view for the next few months. There's also an interview with Justin from Wacken available on youtube.

Streaming link: HERE

Interview link: HERE

Check the Wacken site for further live streams and recorded sets from the festival - see HERE for more info.

NMA Live - Christmas 2014

There are only a few copies left of the new live album taken from the Christmas shows in 2014. The thirty-one song, three CD & Bonus DVD is available to order now! Priced at £12.99 + VAT (EU only) + P&P.

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We are pleased to announce the release of our new album.

Entitled 'Between Wine And Blood", the album is both a brand new studio mini-album of 6 new songs and an 11 track live album recorded on the band's current "Between Dog and Wolf" tour and taken from shows in London, Nottingham, Cambridge, Cologne and Amsterdam. The album was once more mixed by Joe Barresi in L.A.

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Angry Planet And Sunrise

Here's a visual for Angry Planet:

And here's a visual for 'Sunrise' - not so much a band video as a simple meditation. We found Mike Fairman's beautiful footage on Youtube and as our song was also already up there, we just thought they belonged together. Enjoy.

Between Dog And Wolf Album Sampler

Seven Times

March In September

Qasr El Nil Bridge

“Qasr El Nil Bridge was written after I was in Cairo in late Spring 2011. While of course so much has changed in Egypt and the Middle East since then, the song still feels true and relevant because it’s about the people involved rather than the politics of the moment. Above all we’re all proud of the way we made it work musically. Many thanks to Kevin for this visual interpretation.” Justin Sullivan