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Drifts Video

We’d like to share with everyone this beautiful animated video for “Drifts” from the new album Winter.

Many thanks to Khad for putting it together and to the animators (Melissa Lafon, Elodie Legros, Yann Moalic and especially Matthieu Deltour) for allowing their work to be used for this.

The original short film "Haoma" can be seen HERE

Winter – the graphic novel

We are very happy to finally announce the arrival of Winter – The Graphic Novel - which has exceeded our very high expectations.

These limited edition high quality A4 62-page works of art are now available to buy in our Shop HERE It will be available at all the shows on the Winter tour, beginning today at our first show in Maastricht.

We have long been interested in the idea of asking a graphic novelist to interpret the band’s narrative lyrics in a style that fits with the music, in the same way that Joolz’s wonderful iconic cover art always works so well for us.

As we began to look at the work of many artists across the World, we became fixated on Matt Huynh, particularly for his incredible work on ‘The Boat’.
Click HERE
Partly it was the humanist attitude in the drawings that appealed so much – perhaps as a result of his own family story - and partly because his sumi-e style looks and feels as if it is done fast, giving a terrific energy and movement to the art. A lot of graphic novels lean deliberately towards horror and ugliness when dealing with dark subjects. Matt has the ability to combine violence and tragedy with a certain beauty and human empathy – something we have always strived for in our own creations. For us he has taken three songs - Die Trying, Devil and Winter and woven them into a continuous narrative. We’re so glad that he embraced the idea so readily and brilliantly; we think the result is something really strong – we hope like the album itself.

Matt Huynh is an artist based in New York City. His comics and drawings are informed by sumi-e ink painting and shodo calligraphy. His clients include The New York Times, Esquire, Rolling Stone, and GQ. His work appears in the Museum of Modern Art’s collection and his comics have been presented on the Sydney Opera House stage.

In 2016, Huynh was awarded the World Illustration Award in the Editorial Professional category. He was nominated for Australian of the Year, appointed ambassador for New Beginnings Refugee Arts Festival on World Refugee Day, and awarded a special commendation by the United Nations Media Peace Awards for his interactive comic book The Boat. Visit www.matthuynh.com

Matt himself writes:
“The proposition of making comics to accompany New Model Army's new songs is as daunting as it is foolish. The songs are complete and powerful experiences in their own right, but their appeal to contemporary experiences of some of our most vulnerable - refugees and asylum seekers - was irresistibly call to me as the child of refugees from the Vietnam War and as an advocate. To find the contemporary refugee experience in New Model Army's metal and melodies lit the way to my own charge - that we can be powerful with surprise, and we can connect with delight.

It's a rare opportunity to reach beyond the solitary discipline of making comics to collaborate with powerful artists and masters of their own respective discipline. But armed with the band's lyricism and phantom melodies humming behind every panel, I'm given a fresh palette to propel a novel experience of comics along, and hopefully a new perspective on the music of New Model Army too”.

NMA Announce New Album And Tour

New Album released late Summer 2016 followed by European tour.

At the end of August, we released the band’s 14th studio album: “Winter” and we’re really looking forward to getting out and playing it live. So here’s the first part of the tour; obviously there are many countries and cities not on this list that we are looking to include as the tour continues in 2017.

Here's a video of the dates:

***New Joolz Album "Crow" Announced***

Our Attack Attack Records label is proud to release “Crow”, a unique collaboration between poet Joolz Denby and composer Henning Nugel.

Joolz Denby needs no introduction to the New Model Army community. She has been a true underground renaissance artist since the late 1970s. As a poet, she was one of the principle figures to emerge from the post-punk generation, publishing seven collections of work and giving readings all over the World in countless different settings. As a novelist, she has published six volumes, including “Stone Baby” for which she received the New Crime-writer of the Year award in 2000 and “Billie Morgan”, which was shortlisted for the Orange Prize for Literature in 2006. As a working artist, Joolz has designed all the record covers and visuals for New Model Army for 36 years (as well as being a guiding hand throughout our long career). Her paintings have been shown in many galleries while her unique tattoos have adorned clients from around the globe who come to her Bradford studio.
Crow will be her seventh studio album, with past collaborators including Jah Wobble, members of New Model Army, Mik Davis and many others.

Henning Nugel is the man responsible for two of the glorious string arrangements on our new album – on the title track ‘Winter’ and ‘Drifts’. After years of playing keyboards and guitars in several bands, he joined forces with his brother Ingo and founded Nugel Bros. Music. Focusing on music composition and sound design for games, their portfolio soon included clients as EA Games, Funatics and Blue Byte. Henning is also a member of the Dynamedion team of composers and has written music for many of their prestigious game projects and some of their TV scores. Henning can at times be seen playing fiddle and whistles together with acoustic folk band An-Spiorad and now works from his studio on the outskirts of Potsdam near Berlin.

The official release date is October 7th but we are now selling advance copies in the NMA Shop HERE
There will also be copies for sale on the New Model Army “Winter” tour.

***Ashley Cartwright***

I would like to write a few words about Ashley Cartwright, best known to NMA fans as the original writer of “51st State”, who died at the weekend, aged 57.

I am often asked about ‘Punk Rock’ and what I remember about the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. It’s sad that the words came to mean playing loud guitars and shouting a lot because it was so much more than that – a whole creative revolution in music, poetry and art. Perhaps the most significant thing was to do with with an attitude – an instinct of resistance to all social or artistic conventions and a bit of bloody-mindedness (well-suited to the Yorkshire character).

Now it’s easy to be ‘bolshie’ when you’re young - to be angry and awkward. But the people who really made the whole thing happen are the ones who, though often beset by demons, combined this attitude with a huge sense of love, wit and humour, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and the desire to create. I was lucky enough to know a few such special characters and one of them was Ashley Cartwright.

In the very early years of New Model Army, we played often with his band, The Shakes, a fine outfit with his amazing gift for song-writing at it’s heart. When, for one reason or another, The Shakes broke up in 1983, we took one of their songs, ‘51st State” and developed it as a live track and then recorded it for The Ghost Of Cain.

In the years since then, Ashley continued to write and play wonderful songs in several outfits in and around Keighley, but perhaps it was his demons that always prevented them reaching a wider audience. We met every few years to talk or walk on the moors and at least two more NMA songs owe something to these exchanges.

Like many hundreds of people, I shall miss him and my condolences go out to all those closest to him.

Justin Sullivan

***New Album "Winter" Announced***

Our new album “Winter” will be released on August 26th on the band’s own Attack Attack label via Red Essential in the UK and via earMUSIC worldwide. Formats include a special bookpack CD, double gatefold vinyl, download and streaming. As expected, the album is a powerful and emotionally intense body of work – 13 songs and a full hour of new music.

Justin Sullivan: “Between Dog and Wolf” and “Between Wine And Blood” opened up a lot of creative doors for us, so it was exciting to go and look inside. The results were not necessarily planned - as usual we felt our way - but I think “Winter” has a really strong identity. It is very much the sound of people in difficult places – something that so many of us can relate to at the moment, on a lot of different levels. It is a much more of a band album than “Between Dog and Wolf” and we made a deliberate choice in mixing it to sound more aggressive and a little less polished”.

On August 19th we will be releasing a limited edition 1st 7” single, of two new songs from the album “Devil” and “Winter”. This will be the band’s first 7” since our duet with Tom Jones of The Rolling Stones classic “Gimme Shelter” issued in 1993.

The album features striking artwork by long time artistic collaborator Joolz Denby. It forms of a series which includes the 7” and also the cover art of Joolz’s own seventh studio album, “Crow”, recorded with composer Henning Nugel (who also contributed to “Winter”) and which will follow the New Model Army release later in the Autumn.

The 7” will be available in independent stores and to pre-order along with the album via the following links:

Winter/Devil 7" Single: HERE
Winter CD Bookpack: HERE
Winter Double Vinyl LP: HERE


Devil Video

"As Devil is simply our take on an old, old story, we thought we'd borrow a visual accompaniment from one of the many thousands already in existence - F W Murnau's magnificent 1926 movie 'Faust', starring Gösta Ekman as Faust and Emil Jannings as Mephisto. We recommend anyone to watch the full movie and we hope you enjoy the song."

Winter Is Here!

We’re happy to announce the release of “Winter”.

By now many of you have heard it and of course there is already an open debate on its content, style, feel, sound, artwork and where it fits in the band’s long and varied recording history.

ALL pre-orders have been shipped (the very last went out yesterday). We apologise for any delays – we were perhaps a little underprepared for the sheer numbers, which far exceeded pre-orders for Between Dog And Wolf, especially in vinyl. If you still haven’t received your order in 7 days, please contact us at info@newmodelarmy.org or customerservice@tmstor.es for UK orders.

Some people have been concerned by missing order confirmations, Paypal, and that our UK pre-orders were actually handled by Townsend Music. We believe these will sort themselves out and you will receive your order. Once again, please write to us if this does not happen. Of course we will make sure that everyone receives what they wanted.

Those people that ordered the vinyl through us should now have received a link for a free digital download. We believe that Townsend will also do this within the next couple of days.

We hope you love it.

Winter Video

Here's a visual for the single Winter:

***Mad Dog Mcrea November UK Support***

We are very pleased to announce that Mad Dog Mcrea will support during the November UK tour for the forthcoming New Model Army album Winter. Blending folk rock, pop, gypsy jazz and bluegrass into a unique cocktail, Mad Dog Mcrea are a fantastic live band and an experience not to be missed!

Website: www.maddogmcrea.co.uk

Mad Dog Mcrea - Almost Home (Video): HERE

For more information and ticket links please see the Tour page HERE

NMA Live - Christmas 2014

There are only a few copies left of the new live album taken from the Christmas shows in 2014. The thirty-one song, three CD & Bonus DVD is available to order now! Priced at £12.99 + VAT (EU only) + P&P.

The Shop link: New Model Army Live Between Wine And Blood December 2014

Here's a couple of videos from the bonus video from the new album both from Köln Palladium 2014:

***Update On Matt Reid's "Between Dog And Wolf - The New Model Army Story" Documentary DVD***

We are happy to announce that the remaining DVD's of Matt Reid's "Between Dog And Wolf - The New Model Army Story" documentary have now arrived in the Shop. As you may be aware there were production problems, completely beyond our control, in the manufacturing of the DVD which resulted in this long delay. In October we were able to secure an agreement from Cadiz Music, the production company, to airfreight a limited number of the DVD's directly to the Shop allowing us to ship all orders made before September 1st and these were sent out late October / early November. All other DVD's came by sea, hence the delay. We are now, finally, in a position to honour the remaining orders.