01 September Berlin, Friedenskirche Gruenau ***JS SOLO***

Venue Name: Friedenskirche Grünau
Website: www.friedenskonzert.berlin
Address: Don Ugoletti Pl.
City: Berlin
Postcode: 12527
Country: Germany
Free Entry - Donations encouraged!

Second Peace Concert in the Friedenskirche Grünau - 1 September 2019, at 7 PM. Free Entry.

“The ambition is to remember a great vision that has come under severe pressure in this day and age. In times of seemingly simple solutions, of questioning democratic structures almost everywhere in Europe and even in times of Brexit, it is important for us to show that we belong together, that we are Europeans and that we have not forgotten what it means to live apart from each other.

The invasion of Poland and thus also the beginning of the Second World War are taking place on the 1 September 2019 for the 80th time. Europe is more than bureaucracy and Brussels. Europe is a vision of open borders, freedom and over 70 years of democracy and peace.

This event is presented by KunstHofKöpenick e.V. in cooperation with with Tobias Unterberg and the Protestant parish Bohnsdorf – Grünau.

“A united Europe would be the end of the wars and it will come, but when?” Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880-1938)

After the celebrated peace concert in 2018, the Kunsthof will once again invite Artists from different backgrounds to celebrate a special day together. There will be, interrupted by a break, about twice an hour of music, with all participants playing alternately from their repertoire. The stage is basically "inhabited" by everyone, so the non-players actively listen to their colleagues. Of course, there will be overlaps between the musicians, and they will meet very early on September 1st to sound out at a rehearsal who, where and when is hooked into the music of the others. The actual highlight of the evening will again the common singing and playing a song. It is not about the pure singing of the lyrics. We want to create community. Among the musicians and with the audience.

In the end it is also about building a bridge to the here and now. Music can and must connect what is all too often played off against each other. And unfortunately, politically we are at a time that is very reminiscent of the end of the Weimar Republic. The vision of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and others was already there, we must not risk it lightly. Brexit shows what would suddenly be conceivable again, e.g. through a closed border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In preparation for the concert we will create films, Interviews with children from Treptow-Köpenick and their thoughts on Europe, borders and peace. It will remind some adults how important it is to get involved with Europe. The children don't know borders any more and are now one of several generations who grew up without war. For the children all this is self-evident, but for us it must not be!

These videos will be dramaturgically integrated into the concert and will be shown on a large screen. The voice of the children as a reminder to the adults. As in the last concert, we have the voice of a contemporary witness. This time it is Rolf Becker, actor and tireless fighter for peace. His voice as a war child is juxtaposed with the children of today.

The whole event will be free of charge.

Despite all the burden of the date, it should be a thoughtful but nevertheless festive, joyful, common present day, which shows in the small what would be so desirable in the big.

“Europe is an old lady - the world should respect her much more.” (Pavel Kosorin 1964)

This is supposed to be our signal from Köpenick.”
Tobias Unterberg in June 2019

Justin Sullivan (GB)
Anna Nova (Pl)
Berivan Ahmad (SY)
Goetz Steeger (DE)
Wassim Mukdad (SY)
Tobias Unterberg (DE)

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