With many of us now in lock-down, we ask everyone to take good care of themselves and especially the well being of others, being aware that we can all be carriers without knowing it.

Of course the spread and severity of the pandemic has made all planning impossible. We very much hope that the shows in July and later in the year will go ahead as scheduled but of course there is no guarantee at the moment. All we can say is that we will reschedule anything that we are forced to cancel. However, sadly we have now abandoned plans to come to North America this year (with the arduous and chancy work permit issues thrown into chaos on top of everything else), but we do intend to come when we are able.

Our Shop will be unable to send out items in the coming days. We will continue to take pre-orders for the Only Stupid Bastards Beat Women shirts but these also might not now be printed at the end of this month. Rest assured that anything ordered will arrive eventually...

Meanwhile on social media, we will continue our weekly Friday trawl through our album history. It has been interesting seeing all the reactions and stories created from all round the world. At some point we will do a comprehensive 40th Anniversary Question and Answer session and perhaps some kind of live virtual gig.

Stay well everyone and enjoy the music.

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