Newsletter #5 February 2004

Justin Sullivan and Friends

Tales of the Road

The Justin, Michael and Dean live album is finished and will be released into the shops at the end of March. We expect to have early stock in the on-line shop on this site at the beginning of March

The long delay has been caused by touring commitments and by the the very real problem of searching through the many shows that were recorded for the best tracks. Final listing is al follows:

Tales of the Road
Afternoon Song
Ocean Rising
Masters Of War
These Words
Drummy B
All Of This
Someone Like Jesus

The DVD will be released shortly after the CD.

North America

As we said last month we are going back to America in April to carry on where we left off, and this time MIchael Dean will be accompanying Justin and Dean

The dates as they stand today are listed below. If a venue is listed then we have a provisional confirmation of the show. As soon as the whole thing is sorted we will post full details and we will update this list as we go.


16 - TBA
17 - Providence RI or Boston MA
18 - Albany NY, Valentines
19 - Off
20 - Rochester NY, Bug Jar
21 - Buffalo NY
22 - Pittsburgh PA, Rex Theater
23 - Columbus OH
24 - Cincinnati OH
25 - Off
26 - Louisville KY, The Dame
27 - Off
28 - Nashville TN, Exit In
29 - Atlanta GA
30 - Athens GA


1 - Charlotte NC
2 - Chapel Hill NC, 506
3 - Off
4 - Richmond VA, Nancy Raygun
5 - Baltimore WA, Otto Bar
6 - New York NY, Knitting Factory
7 - Brooklyn NY, Southpaw
8 - Providence RI or Boston MA
9 - Off
10 - TBA CA
11 - Long Beach CA
12 - San Diego CA
13 - Tucson AZ, Plush
14 - Albuquerque NM, Launchpad
15 - Denver CO, Climax Lounge
16 - Off
17 - Salt Lake City UT
18 - Off
19 - Las Vegas NV
20 - Los Angeles CA
21 - Seattle WA
22 - Vancouver BC
23 - Victoria BC

As you can see we are still negociating some dates so please keep the suggestions coming This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Astoria DVD

Work has now started on the production of this exciting new release. Michael Dean is going into the studio in mid February with producer Chris Tsangarides to mix the sound, so that part will be as good as it gets. Don't forget that a CD of the concert will be packaged with initial copies of the DVD.

We don't have details of the release date as yet but hope it will be out before the summer - that'll give us a good excuse to go on tour..............


Babies in the Family

Congratulations to our European booking agent Dave Chumbley and his wife Rom on the birth of baby Tom.

Also big love to Gill, Dave's PA who gave birth to baby Louis a few days later.

Red Sky Coven

Justin, Joolz, Rev and Brett would like to thank everyone involved the the recent dates. They said that the last run was the most enjoyable so far they hope you all had a great time.

It has been brought to our attention that some copies of the Red Sky Coven Vol 1&2 CD that were sold on the tour were actually Red Sky Coven Vol 1&1 !! If you were unlucky enough to get home and find two copies of disc 1 in your CD, please send it to us for an immediate replacement.

c/o NMA Online
PO Box 2736

South Africa

Less than a month to go as theis (late as usual) Newsletter was being prepared. We are very thrilled to be making out first visit. We have had communications fromfans asking why we are only playing is Johannesburg. There are many reasons, one is cost and the other main one is a lack of suitably sized venues with production. We hope that when the success of the forthcoming trip becomes more widely known, we will be able to come back and do a broader series of dates.

Details for these shows can be found at

South Africa tour CD


To coincide with the dates in March a limited edition compilation CD is being produced for the South African market. Entitled "Original 20" it is a collection along the lines of Great Expectations but featuring a slightly different listing:

It has been produced by the organisers of the tour to help offset the high cost of bringing us to SA and will be limited to 2000 copies and will only be available at the shows and at branches of Look & Listen - a chain of CD stores in SA who are helping to promote the dates and are also selling tickets

Track listing:

Wonderful Way To Go
You Weren't There
Stupid Questions
Believe It
Here Comes The War
Orange Tree Roads
Green & Grey
Understand U
The Price
Master Race
Poison Street
51st State
Smalltown England
Great Expectations
Long Goodbye

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