Newsletter #7 August 2004

The NMA Art & Artefacts Exhibition

Thanks to the hard work of Nina Baptiste and Joolz Denby, the New Model Army Art & Artefacts Exhibition will be going ahead. Many thanks also to those who sent in comments and submissions, which were very helpful (and interesting). The exhibition will open first in small preview format at the Courthouse Arts Centre, a gallery in Otley near Bradford on Saturday 25th of September. It will be launched with a gig by Justin and Dean (which is already sold out) and will run for two weeks. At this stage, with only a very limited display space, the exhibition will be based around examples of Joolz' original NMA artwork. The full exhibition, including more of Joolz' originals, backdrops, rough lyric originals, old instruments, t-shirt designs, music, DVDs and much more will open at the international gallery, Cartwright Hall in Bradford on the 11th December and run until the 30th of January 2005.

Since the original exhibition plans were made, there has been a great deal of interest in the project from a number of other galleries across Britain and beyond, so we now hope that the exhibition will be 'on tour' for much of the band's 25th year.

Obviously the exhibition will be visited by hundreds of people who are not familiar with New Model Army, or the way in which for many people, it has become more than just a band. Therefore, it is our intention to include in the exhibits an album of writings, stories and reminiscences from Family members for whom NMA has been an important factor in their lives. These writings could take the form of testimonies about the effect NMA has had on you, along the lines of the wonderful letters already sent to Nina; or they could be in story or letter form or they could be poems. Contributions can be either anonymous or signed. Please send your submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tour News

N America

We are still planning to be back across the Atlantic for full band electric shows this autumn. We are currently looking at several options with the most likely being October 13th to 26th and taking in:

Washington DC
New York City
Boston MA
Toronto (possibly Montreal as well)
Los Angeles
San Francisco

We would love to do more, but the costs for the full band are much higher than the three piece show. If all goes according to plan we should be announcing details at the end of this month



The traditional run off New Model Army shows will take place again this winter. Full details will be announce in the next newsletter. The period will be December 15th to 20th inclusive.


Justin Solo

Justin Sullivan will be doing one concert (completely) solo in Trier at the Roman amphitheatre on September 4th. It's possible that there might be a other one-off gigs this autumn but it is understood that the priority is to finish the new album.

New Studio Album

Since the last newsletter the band have been very busy touring America and Justin has been popping in and out of Europe for festival activities.

In between all that work has progressed steadily on the material to the follow up to Eight and the first recording sessions will be taking place before the proposed N American tour.

Beautiful Days

Congratulations to The Levellers on their success with the Beautiful Days festival. Tickets are all sold out and those of you that were at last years event will know what a treat those than weren't are in for. NMA are on the main stage on Sunday night at 8pm. If you get the chance, also check out Warmachines Of Love in the Big Top at 1:00 pm on the same day - the band features one Adrian Portas former NMA guitarist.
The new Nozzle album "Twisted Vision" will be released on Attack Attack Records at the end of September with stocks in The Shop from the beginning of that month. For those of you that are unaware, Nozzle is the side project of NMA guitarist Dave Blomberg and the new album also features the drumming talents of Michael Dean.

Online Shop

There will be a delay in the processing of orders at the Online store during the last two weeks of August while the Shop Team take short holiday. Please carry on ordering as normal and they will get all orders out as quickly as possible on their return.

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