Registrations For The Forum (16/11/10)


Of late we have been experiencing a large volume of spam on the Forum noticeboards. We have attempted various solutions with various degrees of success but have been unable to eradicate the spam, and indeed in the background we have been fighting the registration of a hundred new "applicants" a day; 99% of which is of course more spam. The worry has been that in deleting these "applicants" we are missing real registrations from people wanting to join the noticeboards. Consequently, we have disabled the registration process for the immediate future until we can find a solution.

However, we are still taking registrations via another route: anyone wishing to register for the noticeboards should send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting registration. You will then be contacted asking for various details (proposed username, password etc) and on reply you will be admitted access to the Forum and the noticeboards.


Old usernames and passwords are unaffected and remain valid - log on in the usual way.


We can only apologise for this convoluted process and we hope that the problems we have been experiencing in attempting to prevent the spam can be resolved in the very near future so we can go back to the automated registration process. Thank you for your patience.

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